Beach and Ramble

I have written, re-written and deleted text for this post enough times. Sometimes words do not come easy.

I went to Camps Bay beach 2 weeks ago during my autumn break. I have only been to the beach twice this year. Which is extremely sad because all of Cape Town’s beaches are only 30 minutes away from me.

Camps Bay is on the Atlantic coast of South Africa. I like the Camps Bay beach because it is easy to access using a mini bus taxi. The Indian Ocean side is easy accessible by train but there are disadvantages to that. Camps Bay also has tonnes of eateries, bars and lounges. The Atlantic Ocean however, is much colder than the Indian Ocean. So swimming in Camps Bay is only for the brave, the very very very brave!

Not much to this post really. Just a couple of pics.
IMG_20140424_072718 IMG_20140424_072627 IMG_20140424_071243 IMG_20140424_071659 IMG_20140424_071134 IMG_20140424_072540 IMG_20140424_072218 IMG_20140424_070811 IMG_20140405_165731 IMG_20140405_183441 IMG_20140424_072059 IMG_20140405_165134 IMG_20140405_165145 IMG_20140405_170724 IMG_20140405_165149 IMG_20140407_083407 IMG_20140405_165527 IMG_20140424_070857

Also, anybody that cares should buy me a little beach cottage for my 30th birthday. Preferrably the Kenyan coast please. Or Mozambican. You have 9 years to save and plan. And combined effort is allowed. Thanks.

Also, I hiked up Table Mountain, FINALLY! But that’ll get a post of its own.

Also, I am sorry for inconsistency with my posting. Blame the system.

Also, one of my favourite Youtubers, Latoya Forever, is pregnant! Gah. I’m obsessed with her. She is so beautiful.

Also, Beyonce is just perfect.

OK, bye.

Love and Light.

7 thoughts on “Beach and Ramble

  1. Tiny Micia says:

    Clearly you are rambling today πŸ™‚ but I love it … and I love the photos and our tall boyfriend. Oh I miss the beach, but first I need my waist back πŸ™‚ xx

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