DIY Potpourri

Back with another DIY idea! I’ll be sharing a really quick and cute gift or piece of home decor in the form of potpourri. Potpourri is a winner in my books because A) it smells good, B) it looks good! I think it would make a nice gift especially because home-made gifts have such a personal touch.

You will need:

  • Old mayonnaise jar cleaned nicely or mason jar
  • Ribbon/ beads/ glitter/ paint etc
  • Dried petals/ dried aromatic leaves/ spices etc. quantity depends on the size container to hold it.
  • Essential oils of choice
    IMG_20140410_104700 IMG_20140410_120116

To make my potpourri mix, I used yellow and red rose petals. I mixed them with some vanilla vapour essential oil that I usually use on my aromatherapy burner. You can use any essential oil whose scent you like: tea tree, rose oil etc. I left the petals to dry in the top of my closet (darkness is key in drying the petals because light decolourises them) for 8 weeks and 4 weeks for the yellow and red petals respectively. There is no reason for this apart from the fact that I got the flowers weeks apart. But leave them to in a dry, dark place for 4-8 weeks. You can always thrown in acorns, cinnamon barks, and any other plant parts that would look good and smell good. I was working with a mayo jar so I chose to go minimal.

Ideally, one would use a fixative to give the aroma a slow release but I didn’t have any. Potpourri looks good anyhow!

Once you’ve got your mix of potpourri, you’re halfway done. Mix it as you wish in your jar. Go crazy and embellish your jar with glitter or ribbon and you’re there. 🙂
IMG_20140410_120600 IMG_20140410_121251

So don’t you ever throw out your withered flowers. You know what to do!

IMG_20140410_121608 IMG_20140410_121643


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