Kitenge Kulture: Ataro



I’ve done kitenge posts before herehere and here. There’s just something about African print. It is so alive and simply throwing on an African print headscarf or bracelet instantly adds character to an otherwise plain outfit.


I added two kitenge pieces to my closet this past summer holiday: A pair of trousers, and a pleated skirt. One I absolutely love, the other I don’t feel much for.

PhotoGrid_1393235920497 PhotoGrid_1393236027735

Can you guess which I feel what for?


My aunt introduced me to Mary this holiday. Mary runs a clothes business called Ataro on Riara road, Nairobi. Her boutique has so many pretty and colourful things! I wanted to just get lost in it!

PhotoGrid_1393234555417 PhotoGrid_1393235060227 PhotoGrid_1393234941034 PhotoGrid_1393234911692

I ordered two pieces from Mary. I have seen many of Mary’s works and her tailors do a brilliant job.


I absolutely love the trousers! They are a half-inch too short, but it’s nothing I can’t ignore. I initially didn’t like this print, but when I had the trousers done, my heart was stole! They fit nicely, are comfortable, and have some pizzazz. They are all I want, need and more.


The trousers cost Ksh 1800 for tailoring with my own fabric.



This skirt’s print, I absolutely loved. Obsessed with even. My idea was a pleated skirt and I had such big dreams for this skirt. It was going to be one of my statement pieces, and I was going to break necks with it, and get showered with compliments whenever I wore it. 

I am not happy with how it turned out. I found the gathers too many, resulting in a bulky look which I thought a wash or two would fix, but didn’t.  I feel like it would have been such a stunning piece, but it’s currently not doing it for me as I feel like it doesn’t flatter my body. I’m swooning over the wide high-waisted band though.



The skirt cost Ksh 1500 to have tailored with my own fabric.



My sister got the same skirt done in a different fabric. Hers is also quite bulky but she doesn’t seem to mind it. Good for her!

my sister in her skirt
my sister in her skirt


I am currently having a bad hair day and the biggest pimple in the history of pimples has made my chin its home! So I cropped out my face of the pictures. LOL.

PhotoGrid_1393234596306 PhotoGrid_1393234461122 PhotoGrid_1393234872704 PhotoGrid_1393234516733 PhotoGrid_1393234276949 PhotoGrid_1393234831483


Overall, I loved Mary’s work, and I loved her prices more. They are very reasonable. She has tonnes of designs to choose from and also does people’s personal designs, as well as come up with designs with her clients. She has ready-made clothes if you do not have time on your hands to wait for an order to come out. Her jackets and blazers are to die for, and her bags give me life. I would recommend her any day.

If you are interested in getting any garment done with Mary, contact her on +254 722 382 977

Happy Monday friends!

12 thoughts on “Kitenge Kulture: Ataro

  1. Mary says:

    Hi Wamuyu,

    Just went through your blog last night, after getting the link from your Mum.Thank you for the lovely write -up on our work here at Afrocessories Co/Ataro.

    I really wished you had said something about the gathers in your skirt when you got them. We would have either reduced the gathers or just changed them into pleats, as well as make the skirt shorter. I am sorry, you don’t like the skirt, but we can do something about it.

    If the pants have a big enough hem, we can take it out by half an inch.

    Challenge is how to get it back here? My brother lives in Joburg. If you can find someone going, who can get it delivered to his workplace, then I know it will find its way here and back. Let me know and I’ll send you his directions.



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