Why see the world, when you’ve got the beach

(Suggested background music ^^)

One of my biggest dreams in life is to own beach-front property. I am not talking a palacial Malibu home. I’m talking a small simple bungalow, neatly manicured gardens, anywhere along the African coast. Preferrably East African coast.

The sun and sand, water and rocks, crashing waves and low tides, feet tangled in seaweed and heels crushing shells; it is euphoric.IMG_20140209_020944 IMG_20140209_053846 IMG_20140211_094430 IMG_20140209_053722 IMG_20140209_054847 IMG_20140211_094618 IMG_20140211_095306 IMG_20140211_095024 IMG_20140211_095420 IMG_20140211_095448 IMG_20140211_094805 IMG_20140211_095559 IMG_20140211_100624 IMG_20140211_102142 Love and Hugs


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