The Aquarium, V&A Waterfront


My birthday was last week. My 21st. It was nice and intimate. Spent it with some special people at the Aquarium at the V&A waterfront and my boyfriend also took me on the Ferris wheel. Then later on in the evening we had a picnic on Fish Hoek beach with friends and Thato who happens to share a birthday with me.

Ugali and Samaki made its way down to Cape Town
Migingo also made its way down south

IMG_20140205_063012 IMG_20140205_063239 IMG_20140205_062129 IMG_20140205_061742 IMG_20140205_060905 IMG_20140205_061050 IMG_20140205_061326 IMG_20140205_062305 IMG_20140205_062634 IMG_20140205_063514 IMG_20140205_063122 IMG_20140205_063852 IMG_20140205_063812 IMG_20140205_063705 IMG_20140205_063609 IMG_20140205_063332 IMG_20140205_060602 IMG_20140205_060505 IMG_20140205_055736

The weekend is almost here! Whoop

Love and Love.


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