Maasai market mini haul

I have 3 more days before I return to Cape Town. BITTER SWEET.

BITTER because I leave home; there’s no getting used to that. Bitter because once again, I will leave before having seen some people that I love. Bitter because I will soon be in the snares of the system when school resumes.

SWEET because I get to enjoy the Capetonian summer before winter’s nasty claws grab us. Sweet because I get to see my boyfriend and other friends that I haven’t seen in almost 3 months.  Sweet because I get some freedom and can have my own space and place again. Also, I am an orientation leader for semester-study-abroad students at my university this year! How amped am I for that?!


I left for South Africa for the first time in 2011, and since then I have had a custom of visitng Maasai market a few days before my departure. Customary. This past Saturday I went for my (bi)annual Maasai market shopping for some specific items I wanted: A kiondo (traditional Kikuyu basket made of sisal used to carry farm produce), Maasai sandals and a Kenya shirt. I managed to get myself two dainty rings and a pair of earrings as well. SCORE!

I didn’t shop for accessories because I didn’t have much time and  I felt that I had enough of those already.
The truth however, is this: You can never have too many accessories! I will be using my kiondo as a school bag. So excited! 🙂



SAM_2557 PhotoGrid_1390140940922



SAM_2553 IMG_20140119_051309



SAM_2548 IMG_20140119_051113



In my usual DIY spirit, I will colour in this shirt with some fabric paint! 🙂

IMG_20140119_053747 SAM_2579



IMG_20140119_051836 SAM_2574

My sister also got a pair in a different colour.

Sister's sandals in a different colour
Sister’s sandals in a different colour

Thank you for reading and I wish you a beautiful start of the week tomorrow…


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