What do Beyonce and Nakuru have in common?

They really have nothing in common.


Last week, Beyonce dropped a surprise self-titled album on us mortals.

BEYONCE (the visual album):

14 songs, 17 videos.

While on tour, raising a child and being a wife. Crazy. I did NOT see that album coming. I was one of the people sharing all those ’30 things Beyonce is doing besides working on an album’ articles, because, MUSIC’S BEST KEPT SECRET YET.

I don’t even care, I’m on that Bey bandwagon! Or ‘YONCE’ bandwagon as she is calling herself these days. Her raunchy and gangsta side come out quite strongly on this one, and she is following no rules; I love it!

Fave song: Drunk In Love
Fave line: “I’m Ike Turner, turn up!” – Jay Z on Drunk In Love
Fave verse: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s free verse on Flawless
Fave collabo: Beyonce and Jay Z on Drunk In Love
Fave lyrics overall: Haunted
Fave production: XO
Worst song(s): Mine and No Angel

Onto Nakuru…


Headed to the Rift Valley (Lake Nakuru National Park and Mt. Longonot) last week with Thato and 2 other friends. It was a short stay but I enjoyed every second.

L to R: Thato, Sian and Wakanyi
L to R: Thato, Sian and Wakanyi

Highlight: Seeing 4 lionesses!

A couple of pics from Lake Nakuru National Park… I didn’t manage to get a good shot of the lionesses because the zoom of my camera compromised the quality of the picture. Also, didn’t see too many flamingos because the lake is really flooded! They’ve migrated. 😦

IMG_20131217_021958 IMG_20131217_021804 IMG_20131217_021651 IMG_20131217_021535 IMG_20131217_021407 IMG_20131217_020544 IMG_20131217_021115 IMG_20131217_020337 IMG_20131217_021223 IMG_20131217_020034 IMG_20131217_015959 IMG_20131217_020218 IMG_20131217_015410 IMG_20131217_015618 IMG_20131217_015826 IMG_20131210_093721 IMG_20131210_093959 IMG_20131210_094104 IMG_20131210_093611 IMG_20131210_093424

2 thoughts on “What do Beyonce and Nakuru have in common?

  1. Tiny Micia says:

    Now I want to go home 😦 Lake Nakuru without flamingos 😦 what a pity. Last time I was there it was like a pink carpet of flamingos. Anyway thanks for sharing such beautiful photos….reminds me of home.

    Hope you had fun.xx

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