Picha Hamsini Street Exhibition

Photo Cred: Thato

I mentioned in my previous post that my friend Thato is visiting from South Africa. Some time last week, we went to town to a photo exhibiton organized by genius photographer Mutua Matheka and Samsung Kenya. It ran from December  2 to December  12 at the Hilton Square aka Jobless Corner. The photo exhibition included different pictures taken by Mutua and other Kenyans showing Kenya’s beauty and heritage to celebrate Kenya at 50. There was a competition on different social platforms and people were to share their pictures with the hashtag #PichaHamsini to enter the competition. A few winners were chosen and won some Samsung stuff.  Search for more entrees on twitter, facebook and instagram using that hashtag.

I was disappointed at how few the exhibits were, but I would rather quality over quantity any day. And quality, we received, no doubt. The pictures were beautiful. And the fact that a lot of them were taken by ordinary Kenyans who are not professional photographers was amazing.


Photo Cred: Thato
Photo Cred: Thato

DSC01912 DSC01917 DSC01922 20131209_140223 DSC01913 DSC01927 PhotoGrid_1387011535949

Thato. :)
Thato. 🙂

I hope everyone is having a better weekend than I am. I’ve been in bed pretty much all weekend suffering from what may be the worst cold ever!

Love and Light

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