Nairobi~ My City, My Town

I did not do a Jamhuri Day post because cyberspace had enough of those yesterday. But I did celebrate Jamhuri Day in my own lazy way. I recognize that we have flawed governance, and some people reckon that because of this, there is nothing to celebrate about being Kenyan. I disagree. I celebrate my beautiful people and beautiful land. I think the younger generation is extremely skeptical and unappreciative of things and fail REFUSE  to see the strides the country has taken forward 50 years post- independence. That is an argument for another day. But I am an extremely proud Kenyan and there is no land I would rather call home.

I have way too many posts planned! I’ll start by sharing these pictures of the Nairobi CBD that I have taken over the past few days. My beautiful friend Thato is visitng Kenya from South Africa and I hosted her for 6 days. She said she wouldn’t mind staying indoors and eating chapati, for the duration of her Kenya trip! LOL. But I took her visit as an opportunity to do a few outdoorsy things that I wouldn’t do if I had no one to show around.

Though I’m late, Happy 50 Years of Uhuru to my fellow Kenyans!IMG_20131213_034729 IMG_20131213_040111 IMG_20131213_035930 IMG_20131213_035341 IMG_20131213_035525 IMG_20131213_034539 IMG_20131213_034440 IMG_20131213_024317 IMG_20131213_024348 IMG_20131213_023907 IMG_20131213_024208 IMG_20131213_023302 IMG_20131213_023709 IMG_20131213_022151 IMG_20131213_022859 IMG_20131213_021824

Happy Weekend Friends!

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