Mraz and Me

I came on here to do a quick post about my dog Mraz, and WordPress reminded me that it was my 1 year blogging anniversary yesterday! How time flies. I remember creating this blog while I was interning last Nov/Dec holiday. Because I would arrive work really early, I would be idle and bored so I decided to blog in that extra hour I had before everyone else came into work. I won’t turn this into a long boring emotional speech about how I have grown or evolved or whatever, but lemme just say, after 126 blog posts and 31000 views, this baby is now a year old.


So, my dog Mraz is possibly the laziest, most selfish and dumbest dog in the world ( I still love him to bits). Two nights ago, he was fighting with his brother Mayer (my other dog) and injured Mayer’s foot so badly that we had to call the vet. Mayer has been locked in his ‘pen’ since while Mraz is out, so that Mayer can be monitored and recover without disturbance from Mraz.

Today was a lazy chill-in-my-pyjamas type of day. Mraz and I, we did a little bonding. We talked about his actions towards Mayer, he seemed somewhat remorseful. We talked about life and our ambitions. He would occasionally fall asleep on me mid-conversation. We took a couple of selfies; although he isn’t too big a fan of those. It was a nice bonding session. I think he is a little bored because he can’t play with his brother. Although I really don’t get them because they fight a hell of a lot! But they still love each other. It’s weird.

DSC05769 DSC05777 DSC05783 DSC05792 DSC05803 IMG_20131123_044855 IMG_20131123_045141 IMG_20131123_045343 IMG_20131123_045854 IMG_20131123_045955

Also, I’m back in Nairobi. I arrived on Wednesday afternoon. It feels good to be back home. And while Nairobi’s crazy drivers scare me, and despite almost being run over at a pedestrian crossing today, despite Nairobi’s traffic jams from hell and roads from the same, it is so good to be home. πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Mraz and Me

  1. gracemuchiri says:

    Whyyyy? You’re such a good writer,,damn!..And storyteller as well πŸ™‚
    I”ve been reading all your posts backwards since I ‘discovered’ this blog like 4days ago πŸ™‚

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