My cheap summer buys

Hey lovely people,

I apologise for not having posted in a while. I don’t have an excuse this time. 

I will try to rush this one. I just came from the dentist. Wisdom tooth extraction. One of my teeth has been rogue since I was 17 and it has since got worse so I had it taken out today. The anesthesia is wearing off and the pain kicking in. So I will make this quick before the pain knocks me out.

This past month I have bought a few cute and cheap pieces that I am proud of. 🙂

Got these from a street vendor in Cape Town for R40.


I really like these sunnies. Love the vintage feel of the large round lenses. DSC05572 DSC05574 DSC05575 DSC05576

My very first little white dress! Can you believe? Love the crochet detail and the low open back. Cost me R130DSC05578 DSC05580 DSC05581

Love this crop top’s beautiful summery print and open back! That back is the guys. Got it from a factory shop in the Cape Town CBD for R20.DSC05583 DSC05584

Bought this plain white strapless bustier top to probably wear as an undergarment or with a jacket. I dunno. It has boob support on the inside. Cost R20 from a factory shopDSC05585 DSC05587

This vest is the truth and more… 🙂 Love the vibrant neon, great for summer. And the mesh/ net thing going on makes it nice and breezy. R29 from the Edgars sale shop. Marked price was R129. WIN!DSC05589


Cute graphic tee. Yay and Yay! R29 from the Edgars sale shop. Marked price was R199. Sales FTW!DSC05592 DSC05593

Beige court pumps. Love them. They are giving me such life. I wore them to the movies the day after I got them. LOLDSC05594 DSC05595 Floral slingbacks. Very summery. Not sure where I will wear them but they are so darn comfy! Feels like walking on air.
DSC05598 Got these 2 pairs for… R100! Imagine! 2 for R100! What sort of sinful bargain is that? My friend Helga knows the best places to shop. Thanks Hellie. 

Marked price… DSC05597DSC05599 DSC05600 Cute crop top for R20 from another factory shopDSC05601 DSC05602

Plain indigo shirt. Too big but I love it because it is really airy. And I like to wear it off the shoulder. Also R20DSC05604 Sunnies from Jay Jays for I think R35 with the Ikeys discountDSC05606 Sunnies from Jay Jays for I think R35 with the Ikeys discount. Love the pink tint!DSC05609 DSC05610 My new favourite shorts yo! R50 from Jay Jays. Marked price musta been something ridic like R250. Pffft.

Black studded loafers from Jay Jays for R90. Marked price: R250. 

I had a few other cool thrift shop buys which I forgot to take pics of and I’m too tired to do so now. I had also done a haul video but it turned out too long and too big. 9 minutes, 700MB. That doesn’t even make sense in my head. Maybe another time.

I am hoping to buy my own domain later this year and make this blog Can’t wait! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the post. 
Sending Love and Peace your way.

5 thoughts on “My cheap summer buys

  1. mumbishokey says:

    Cheap thrills!!-Excite me more lol. The pumps, round vintage sunnies and graphic tees are just perfect for summer,you could leave them in Kenya when you come you know :)I also plan to have my own domain end of year, go team bloggers!!

    Oh and pole sana, 48hrs and you’ll be ready for meat:)

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