Whispery Voices in the Whispery Wind

I thought of merging this post with my previous post but reconsidered after thinking that it may dampen it. So here I am, two posts in a day. I doubt that this has happened before in the history of Whispery Wind. This is a more personal post. Please feel free not to read it if you think it’ll bore you. I know many people aren’t really into the personal posts. I’ll post something more exciting next time.

I just came from a bad exam. It was really long, and really challenging. I hate it when they do that, darn examiners. Haven’t had much sleep over the past few days and my body is feeling it. My face is a mess, my muscles sore, and my spirits low.

I have found that on days that have me feeling down, Whispery Wind is a place of solace for me. It is the place where I express the voices in my head. Some voices are loud and angry; some soft and whispery. It is the place that I come to find escape, put together a post and hope that someone in this big big world of ours likes it. It is where I come to pour out every inch of my aching soul into a 10 line poem, or share something exciting with anyone that cares to listen.

Whispery voices in gale force winds are carried far far away and nobody finds them. But whispery voices in a soft whispery wind? Whispery voices in a whispery wind; they find you. You can catch them and in them you find comfort. And if they aren’t loud enough for you to hear, they are loud enough to irritate you, cause an itching, until you fight to hear them. And when you do hear them, you will be glad.

Many times we find ourselves in situations that we think are hard, perilous storms as they may seem. But we need to find the calm. To turn our violent winds into quiet and still ones so that we can hear the whispery voices of God, of our family, of our friends and of our lovers, calling to us to give us peace.

3 thoughts on “Whispery Voices in the Whispery Wind

  1. Sun-dipped African says:

    This made me feel so much better about all the stuff I’m struggling to juggle at the moment. Thanks whispery girl.

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