Nairobi… Kuna solar sana

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“Nairobi kuna solar sana…” (Nairobi is very sunny…)

Hello lovelies. πŸ™‚

I am in an especially good mood today. So good that my friends accused me of being ‘high’ or having had a drink in the course of the day! Can a girl not be happy without intoxication? The society we live in today! Tsk tsk. Happiness is so uncommon.

Anyway, you probably know that I have been having a really rough semester. School has been so crazy and it took a toll on every aspect of my life. Social, emotional… I was missing my family so bad, (I didn’t go home for the winter because I was in Namibia) I’d cry almost every day. 😦 So my parents gave me what may well be the greatest gift I’ve received all year. A return ticket to Nairobi for the spring break!! πŸ™‚ It was a short stay, my Nairobi stay, but it filled my heart with joy seeing my loved ones. Couldn’t see everyone, I mean it was 9 days, but I saw who I needed to see… Half the time I was studying or working on assignments anyway. Yup, that’s what UCT vacations are: a break to do your work. Not relax, not watch series, or go to the beach, or party, or have dinner with your girls, no… None of that. Vacations are for work! #UCTlogic. I enjoyed my stay nonetheless.

Here are a few pictures from my short stay. There are lots of people I didn’t get to see, and lots of things I didn’t get to do, like go into the CBD and take lots of pictures of the city, or go to Maasai Market to get me some nice beaded cultural goodies, but refreshing the stay was. Oh! and I got to spend 3 nights with my sister. That was defo the highlight of my stay. She is in boarding school and was on a short break and we happened to be home at the same time!! πŸ™‚

Hmmmmm, but my City Under the Sun was more like city under the rain and dark grey clouds while I was there. There is some crazy climate change happening in Kenya. I mean we have always had low temperatures in June and July. But the gloomy weather extended all the way to SEPTEMBER? Oi. Nairobi hakukuwa na solar while I was there (Nairobi was not sunny when I was there). Traffic jams, hooligans, high cost of living not withstanding, I absolutely love Nairobi. I do.

DSC04983[1]So we had dinner as a complete family…

Papa and I: first day I arrived. At dinner

SAM_0400 SAM_0409

SAM_0413 SAM_0420 SAM_0423 SAM_0424…Then I played… hihi …


My sister let me experimet makeup tingz on her
My sister let me experiment makeup tingz on her

…And got to hang with my cousins…

SAM_0591 SAM_0562…And I got to hang with my gran… πŸ™‚

Granny Love
Granny Love

… And had more dinner…

SAM_0645 SAM_0634 SAM_0638


…Visited my little pumpkin at school…


IMG_20130912_075855 IMG_20130912_080038


SAM_0680 SAM_0672 SAM_0667

…Also took random photos around the house…

SAM_0659 SAM_0661 SAM_0709 SAM_0706 SAM_0699 SAM_0691 SAM_0690 SAM_0711 SAM_0716

SAM_0712 SAM_0722


And finally had more dinner with my favourite girls…

SAM_0797 SAM_0786 SAM_0785 SAM_0779 SAM_0763 SAM_0760 SAM_0753 SAM_0748
SAM_0738 SAM_0800 SAM_0762

And Jules came to see me just before I left for Cape Town


Okay, so my post doesn’t really give my title what it deserves. I would have liked to share actual photos of Nairobi on here but I really didn’t get to go to that many places (because of time), let alone take lots of pictures. So here are a few of Nairobi from last December.

Soap stone artefacts
Soap stone artefacts
Maasai shukas
Maasai shukas
City Hall
City Hall
Law Courts with a statue of the first Kenyan president
Law Courts with a statue of the first Kenyan president
KICC- Nairobi's Landmark
KICC- Nairobi’s Landmark

Till later folks.


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