Hit the road jack (Namibia: Part Two)

In this post I will share some pictures I took while on the road from Cape Town to Windhoek, and from Windhoek to Swakopmund (and back to Windhoek). Read my previous post about Namibia here.

The following pics are from Cape Town to Windhoek.

IMG_20130625_091322 IMG_20130625_091517 IMG_20130625_090728 IMG_20130625_090543 IMG_20130625_090440 IMG_20130625_090341 IMG_20130625_090058 IMG_20130625_085954 IMG_20130625_085920 IMG_20130625_085830 IMG_20130625_085741 IMG_20130625_085627 IMG_20130625_085501 IMG_20130625_085406 IMG_20130625_085244 IMG_20130625_085149 IMG_20130625_085100 IMG_20130625_084841 IMG_20130625_084658 IMG_20130625_084557 IMG_20130625_084453IMG_20130619_212243 IMG_20130619_212051 IMG_20130618_113858 IMG_20130618_113306 IMG_20130618_112933

The following pics were taken between Windhoek and Swakopmund.

IMG_20130624_031041 IMG_20130624_030133 IMG_20130624_030042 IMG_20130624_025533 IMG_20130624_025617 IMG_20130624_025900 IMG_20130624_032934

I feel that now is a good time to share with everyone that I am now on project ‘Buy  a cool camera’. I know nothing about cameras (except that they cost an awful lot), but I feel that phone/ tablet cameras aren’t doing it enough for me. I need something better to share my experiences. So I’ll do my research and save meanwhile, and hopefully in the next 9 months, I’ll have myself a nice new baby. Nothing too fancy; just those cameras that bloggers use, ya know?

(LOL! I only realised now that I said ‘9 months’ and ‘baby’ in the same sentence. haha! 😀 )

Keep coming back for more Namibia posts. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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