Hail Sales!

I’m a sale girl (as in I like sales, I am not a sales person), and I am not ashamed of it. Since I am on holiday at the moment, I have quite a lot of free time on my hands; a lot of which has been spent window shopping. And wishing I had a fat fat fat account and could buy whatever I wanted. A girl can dream. Anywho, there have been a few sales and deals this week and the last, and I’ve got a couple of good deals that I’m gonna share on here.

First off, COTTON ON.

They had a 2 for R400 offer on coloured jeans. The marked price for the jeans is R300-500. It is WINTER NOW= LIFE IN JEANS. I wish I could have got myself like 6 pairs of jeans! I got 4 pairs: 2 for my sister and 2 for myself. 





They also had a 2 for R250 offer on summer shoes. The marked price for the shoes was R179 per pair. This sale is waaaaaaaaaaay too late though! Nobody is going to buy summery shoes at the climax of winter, except ME. Hihi. These I bought for my mum: the red and blue ones in colour.



I like shoes, a lot! To me shoes are an investment. Buy a good pair and you will wear them for years. I am currently working a house/baby sitting job and I had planned to use my wage to get myself a nice pair of Aldo shoes. They’re pricey, especially for a student, but I like things. 😀

I have a story for you… Well, not really, but come with me. Two days ago I had coffee with a friend at a city mall. The coffee date was lovely. We walked out of the coffee shop and right across from us was an Aldo store and basically everything was on sale. 50% off and more! I nearly died from a heart attack because of my excitement. There was some crazy cardio activity going on in my rib cage. I really didn’t have that much money, my house/baby sitting money hasn’t even come in yet, but who am I to say no to an Aldo sale? Huh?PhotoGrid_1371224314947


I got these babies for R495. Marked price: R999. I took them because I have been wanting a red pair of lowish heels for a while. It’s like God put those shoes there for me, because there were only 6 pairs of shoes in my size in the entire store! And these were exactly what I wanted:
Studded. Spiked. Leather in-sole. Kitten heels (well, slightly higher but let’s go with kitten heels). Red.


I told a dear friend about the sale and she made the best decision she has made this month and made her way to Aldo the following day and got herself a pair of shoes as well. 🙂

My friend Tracy and her new cuties
My friend Tracy and her new cuties


My shoes and Tracy's. :)
My shoes and Tracy’s. 🙂



Also got a stunning ring for: WAIT FOR IT, WAIT FOR IT, R25! Sigh. I wish there were sales everyday. I don’t know what the original price was though. :/



On the same day as my amazing Aldo experience, I stumbled upon some good deals at Woolworths on their bath and body products. Tracy also bought herself something the following day (same day as her Aldo experience. 😀 )

L to R: Avocado and Sesame Oil shower gel R22.50; Peach Blush lip balm R19.90; Tracy's Lotus and Water foam bath R27; Caramel and Cream shower gel R25.
L to R: shower gel R22.50;  lip balm R19.90;  foam bath R27; shower gel R25.




Got two rings each marked at R100 for R21.50 and R25. YAY! Because never would I buy a ring for R100. 

DSC02863 DSC02864

RIng Party
Ring Party

So there are my good buys, and now I am saying goodbye.


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