Let’s flood the web with Mother’s Day messages

I thought of taking this to facebook, then I thought it was kinda dumb since my subject wouldn’t see my message to her. This is the perfect place for me to say just what I want to say.

Lieve Mama,


For all the days you skipped work when I was dying (read: slightly down with the flu), to stay with me, care for me and force concoctions that would help remedy my sickness down my throat, thank you.

For picking me up when I am down, answering those SOS phone calls when I feel like life is unbearable and letting me know that I can make it, thank you.

For you and Papa’s nice genes of thick healthy black hair, thank you.


For your endless love even when I have made some stupid mistakes, thank you.


For not putting me under academic pressure ever, and for always letting me know that my best is all you need from me. Not As, not academic merit certificates, just my best effort. And for appreciating the As and academic merit certificates when I get them, thank you.

For all the beatings you gave me as a wayward child, followed with a warm tight embrace and the words “I love you”, thank you.

For supporting me in piano and letting me quit ballet, thank you.

For all the treats you bring Shi and I from work, or from your trips, thank you.

Shi and Mummy

For all the hot dusty days you spent shopping with me at Toi and Maasai market, thank you.

For all the food, thank you.

For encouraging me not to do Medicine or Pharmacy, THANK YOU! LOL. I can’t even imagine all those anatomy classes, I would die.

For attending every parents day, every sports day, swimming gala, visiting day and other important school events, thank you.

For your prayers and spiritual guidance, thank you.

For being crazy fun, thank you.

even I can't do such an epic star jump
even I can’t do such an epic star jump

For all you do for me Ma, and for all you are, thank you and I love you.

To my mumsie and all mothers who are, were, and soon to be out there:


I do not own this image
I do not own this image

8 thoughts on “Let’s flood the web with Mother’s Day messages

    1. whisperywind says:

      Aki Nash you make me happy! yes tunafanana,and I also really look like my dad. It’s weird. LOL. post one for your mumsie too. it will make her smile. 🙂

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