Albino Modelling

I came across this article today after a friend shared a picture of  model Shaun Ross and I went crazy with excitement and awe and started reading all these articles about models with albinism.  For a long time, people with albinism have been marginalised, looked down on as ‘not beautiful’ and their lives have even been in danger with  traditional beliefs that their body parts make a good potion. Models are the last thing that people thought people with albinism would be, yet they make gorgeous ones. Thankfully, the world’s ideas of beauty are shifting (for better). My eyes have been opened to a whole new world of beauty… The beauty of albino models (in a very non-fetishizing way, because that is a danger).

15 January 2013 by Growing up in the township of Soweto in South Africa, Refilwe Modiselle, 27, knew she was different. ‘I live in the skin of a white person,’ South Africa’s first albino model told Grazia in an interview published this week.

In many African countries people with albinism are believed to have mystical healing powers and have become vitims of ‘muti’ or medicine killings. Between 2006 and 2012 71 people are believed to have been kidnapped, mutilated or murdered for their organs in Tanzania alone. ‘I never thought I’d be a model’ says Refilwe, who was recently signed as the face of South African label LEGiT, and has walked the catwalk at South African fashion week.

Other models helping to break down the boundaries around albinism are American model, Diandra Forrest who is signed by Elite and South African, Thando Hopa, 23 an albino model and lawyer who grew up in Johannesburg. ‘It was only when one of SA’s foremost designers asked me to consider modelling for him that I decided to give it a try,’ Thando says, ‘and it has changed my outlook. I now realise that I have a platform to inspire young girls, and as someone who never had a role model who looked like me when I was growing up, I now hope to be able to show that albinism can be beautiful and is just another kind of normal.’
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A couple of stunning pictures of different South African and international albino models. Enjoy… 🙂

American model Diandra Forrest
South African model Thando Hopa
connie chiu
Chinese model Connie Chiu
South African model Refilwe Modiselle
American male model Shaun Ross



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9 thoughts on “Albino Modelling

  1. TheBantuGirl says:

    I finally saw your tweet on this post – I’ve been having sort of a proper hiatus? – Anyway, I happen to know people who are good friends with Diandra, so having said that – let me see if I can add my two cents. Albino models are not being exploited, it is the way the industry works, everyone has a season and right now exotic is in – meaning: Albino, Sudanese, anyone “ethnic” looking really. It is not the prettiest people who make the best models, usually the ones who are the most successful have something quirky about them.

  2. mariam shaban says:

    I think they are stunning n please ad also like to join tha modling industry i blv my talent is in modelling the problem is that i have no chance to exploit i really admire those men n women an albino has a right to do anything they are like us n have more in them once we give them a chance

    1. whisperywind says:

      I also worry about them being used… I was reading somewhere that having an albino model for you is the ‘current’ thing in the States at the moment. This is a good and bad thing, opening doors for them but then again, they could be used. But then again aren’t other models also used in the industry? this doesn’t make it right but we should also be careful to not treat the albino models as a ‘different kind of people’. They are ordinary and will face the challenges of the fashion and modelling industry. I like the dark pictures though, I think they’re beautiful. the contrast between their skin and the dark is just really harsh, which I like. 🙂

  3. Shokey says:

    Wow I’ve never thought about albino modelling but I think they’re just as perfect.Whoever Model 1 is is my favourite just soooo beautiful!!!

    Very inspirational post Nelly.

    1. whisperywind says:

      She’s American: Diandra Forrest, she is stunning!! I am so obsessed with her right now! her Thando and Shaun. I also had never thought about albino models, ever, but I guess for a long time people had never thought Black and Asian models beautiful either, but things are changing, and there’s a world of chances for people out there! Thanks for reading!

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