The Old Biscuit Mill- Cape Town

I have gotten caught up in the whole backlog mess again. And it is bound to get worse with lectures beginning this coming Monday. Can we all observe a moment of silence for that depressing reality please. Thank you.

Last weekend I went to the Old Biscuit Mill. That was a day well spent! The Old Biscuit Mill is home to antique stores, bookstores, boutiques and the most amazing mouth-watering foods: cheeses, pizzas, smoothies, home-made ice-cream, fruits everything people, everything. It is one of Cape Town’s must-see/ must-be-to tourist attractions.

The Old Biscuit Mill is an old warehouse and courtyard in Woodstock- Cape Town. The market is held on Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm. Not sure if it’s EVERY Saturday though. Probably just spring and summer Saturdays, I don’t see how it is open on winter days.

My friends and I, being such African timers, got there at 1pm. I know. You may shake your head. But really, we woke up at 10:30 and only last-minute decided that we would go. Only got to spend slightly over an hour there, totally worth it though.


It gets full and it may be hard for one to find a free spot to sit at and eat, so next time, I am definitely going there earlier.



I bought coconuts, a smoothie, a pizza to take home for dinner and ice cream. This is the kind of place that you go to STARVING (and loaded with money)! so that you can devour every good meal in sight.


everyday is a good day for ice cream! even windy ones
everyday is a good day for ice cream! even windy ones



Enjoy a few pics if you will. Do bear with the not-so-great picture quality. Still working on saving for that camera. And until then, we work with what we have.

There was an assortment of cheeses…

say "Cheese!"
say “Cheese!”


… and a bad ass cowboy…


…a fruit and veg section…



… a hot beverage stall…




…pretty little clothes stalls…



… and R60 pizzas…



… weird sculptures too…




… gift stores…




… and art galleries…




… also, 100% leather bags that cost more than my engineering tools…




… cool water model that worked using very interesting principles unknown to me…




… and quotes by Dr. Seuss…


Dr. Seuss us a genius isn't he?
Dr. Seuss is a genius isn’t he?





Tell me what you think in the comment section. :)

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