20 little life lessons from a 20 year old

Isn’t the alliteration in the title cool? You know it is. 😛

You may have seen a post I put up whose title was ’20 in 20′. It was 20 things learnt in 20 years by photo-blogger Wyn Wiley. Do read it if you haven’t already. I turned twenty (20) five (5) days ago. Here are my own 20 life lessons, maybe you can pick some for yourself. 20

1. God is the truest person you will ever have in your life. Don’t lose him

2. People don’t change. If you think they changed, it’s because they changed from who they really were to begin with. Undoes itself, you know?

3. Salt and pepper go a long way in any meal!

4. Say thank you. It makes someone’s day. Whether to your lecturer, or the conductor in the matatu, it’s an amazing feeling to be appreciated.

5. Do not worry about the little things; the big ones either.

6. There is a solution for EVERY  problem.

7. Always smell good. It can make or break your outfit, seriously!

8. Find a product that works for you and stick to it. Be it a face product, cleaning product, hair product, whatever really. Lots of them don’t work, but when you find one that works, make it your religion. For me it’s Handy Andy household cleaners, Garnier toner and Simple face products.

9. Don’t have fries with ‘that’. I have learnt that fries are just calories and cholesterol that look and taste good. Don’t fall for it.

10. Write everything down. Unlike elephants, our memory really isn’t that amazing. Write down to-do lists. They work. Just be sure to actually get stuff done.

11. Find time to do what you love. Make time for hobbies and interests and totally immerse yourself in them. Life’s too short to spend it not doing what you love.Once a day… once a week… Gardening, reading, gaming, writing, sports, dance, music, community work… We all need something to look forward to at the end of a drab day/week.

12. The world is full of good people too. We live in a world so full of evil. But the same world has lots of good people.

13. Have goals. They let you know where you are going and how to deal with the journey that gets you there.

14. Rap and Hip Hop are actually pretty cool. I’ve always been a Jazz and Classical music girl. But it’s uber cool how rappers spit rhymes! (Starting to appreciate Hip-Hop as a genre of music). The lyrics are deep too (most times). What is the difference between Rap and Hip Hop though? O_o

15. Be good to the people on your way up the ladder ’cause you’ll need them on your way down.

16. There is always time. You just need to make it.

17. Always carry tissue paper and safety pins in your bag/pocket. They somehow manage to save lots of sticky situations.

18. There’ll always be people who won’t like you. Don’t mind them.

19. Conformity is one of our greatest enemies.

20. Always have a passport photo or two of yourself on you. One day, one time, you’ll need them when you’re filling out a registration form somewhere.


You’re welcome. 🙂

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