Photo shoot with Mercy!

So my friend Mercy is a photographer/photography enthusiast. She did a shoot of me and 3 of my favourite girls. Here are a couple of the pics with captions. Follow her  http://mercykoimburi.w

somewhere in the heart of Africa,,, actually not heart, more like Southern most point. I tried a turban on for the first time and luved et!
a  fave! heck they’re all amazing. I love trees. in another life I woulda been a koala or something.
from top clockwise
Queen is such a poser! in a nice way. Miss Bim all laid back. Bim and I. and Moi!

pretty faces all around. 🙂

The following pic mosaic is magazine cover worthy if you ask me! LOL. this is just me trying to ati make myself feel like I can be a model. But really it’s a great pic, this one.

It’s summertime! Ladies looking hot… something something… *whine up theme song* This is by far my absolute favourite. so much colour sunshine and happiness oozing from it.

There are a couple of other pics that we had taken and I will post more of myself when I get my hands on them. Probably next year.

Let’s all thank God for the amazing people he puts in our lives. Like he did Mercy, Bim, Queen and Sian in mine.

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