A day, or two in the life of an engineering intern.

Adult to me: ‘What do you want to be when you grow up Mush?’

Me (age 4 to 14): a baker, a florist, radiologist.

                             a pianist, an astronaut, rockstar.

                             a teacher, geologist, meteorologist, archaeologist, plastic surgeon…

I was THOSE kids. Those kids who wanted to be something different each time you asked them. I even wanted to be a pastor’s wife. A PASTOR’S WIFE you guy! like that’s a career.

I yo-yo ed and yo-yo ed through different career options. I eliminated career options. Law. Medicine  out. Archaeology, Astronomy, Geology, Meteorology, all out. Cuz let’s face it, this is Kenya and I don’t know if I would ever find a job in those fields. So I eliminated options till I found myself with two fields that I was pretty sure I would enjoy. Engineering and Music. Music is the one thing I love, but I wasn’t sure about wanting to make a living out of it, so I decided to maybe pursue it on the side, I dunno. I had to further eliminate within engineering. Chemical Engineering, out. Mechanical and Civil, TOTALLY OUT. This post is turning out to be giving more of my history than what the title is really about.

*Fast forward to 20th Nov 2012*

I got an internship at Kenya Data Networks (KDN). Praise the Lord. My university requires me to do 6 weeks of hands-on vacation work between my first and second year in order to graduate. God blessed me enough to land an internship at KDN.

Been here 3 days. The staff is so friendly and helpful and their offices are amazing and  filled with state of the art technology. And they are paying me to LEARN! That’s cool.


On day one I watched as the electrical engineer I’ve been put under supervised a generator servicing. It was just like a car servicing really. They changed the engine oil (300 litres!!), replaced the fuel and oil filters, and checked that the configuration was alright. Also went round and saw elaborate AirCon and fire fighting systems.

Day two: I did a lighting audit. Now, this is really not as fancy as it sounds. Just went round the premises counting lights, recording the different types and models of the fittings, how many are working, how many are not. But it was work. Had to go through the stair well (5 floors, and there are 2 stair wells), generator room, transformer room, data centre, corridors and offices. Not forgetting the perimeter wall, gate houses, security lights etc. It was a good experience. Now to write the report *yawn*

Also got to refill the generator diesel tanks. Basically just pushed a button to start, and pushed another to stop. Anyone can do it.

Day 3 only just began. It’s casual Friday and they didn’t tell me. can you believe? so here I am in my formal wear and everyone is in jeans. oh well.

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