post numero uno

So everyone all around is blogging. For years I’ve thought blogging is lame. Mostly because I have been viewing not-so-interesting blogs. This year though, I have come across lotsa amazing blogs. most of which I can’t remember because I didn’t have a blog myself and if I have understood this blogging thing right, you can’t follow a blog if you don’t have one yourself. yes? no? maybe? okay. I decided to blog. Because now I think it is an amazing way to record my life, cuz let’s just face it, I’m not gonna sit down and journal (in a book I mean).

Whispery Wind: Because  I love the feel of that soft sultry whispering wind in my face. The wind is so free, not anyone’s captive, not bound. okay, I’m beginning to sound like India Arie or Erykah Badu (both of whom I love). And of course the alliteration is cool!

A peek into my life: Because this isn’t a blog that is specific to a certain field. not fashion, or photography, or technology or celebrity gossip. Just me, my thoughts, experiences, feelings, that others can share.

There goes my first post. I know I’ll read it after a few years and feel a bit stupid but hey!

numero uno! 🙂

Tell me what you think in the comment section. :)

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